Geological Services we offer

1 & 2 Man Logging
Cosset has a variety of logging services to choose from. Our ‘One Man’ service provides daily monitoring of drilling, lithology, hydrocarbon analysis, geological and engineering reports, vertical and/or horizontal logs and web enabled real-time data. The ‘One Man’ service provides daily updates to logging and drilling information. Our ‘Two Man’ service provides continuous 24 hour monitoring of changes in lithology, drilling activity, hydrocarbon analysis. Working in 12 hour shifts, the ‘Two Man’ option is the best solution for uninterrupted 24 hour monitoring and analysis.

Remote Service
For those wells where gas and drill monitoring are all that is required, Cosset can provide unmanned service connected via the internet to our remote facilities. This service provides 24 hour remote monitoring, data/mud logs, and reports the same as our ‘One and Two Man’ service.

Geosteering services are provided that will provide current correlation and bit location during horizontal drilling. Working with the latest software, Cosset is working hard to provide the best and most comprehensive geosteering product in the industry. With our flexibility, we can provide any type of data display required to meet the demanding needs of this growing service. For more information click here.

Quality Control
Attention to detail and quality control is at the heart of everything we do at Cosset. The data and services we provide are under continuous analysis to maintain the highest quality and accuracy possible. We take our commitment to our customers very seriously and will go the extra mile to exceed your needs.